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Wuxi resin factory invested 10000 yuan to open the curtain of information construction

Wuxi resin factory invested 10000 yuan to open the curtain of information construction

February 6, 2004

at the same time of the "rolling" construction of the major technological transformation project, Bluestar new materials Wuxi resin factory attaches great importance to the strategy of promoting industrialization with information

information, and recently invested nearly one million yuan to build the automation system and production scheduling information system

, Opened the curtain of information construction of the plant

the office automation system that the factory put into formal operation recently adopts the products of Kingdee company, which is a leading company in China. The research is in-depth, the preparation is sufficient, the customization ability of the system is strong, and the operation is very smooth. More than 100 households soon learned about the office process. At the same time, the factory also implemented the network printing system, and successfully realized the network office and paperless office with the help of OA platform, which greatly improved the efficiency, but saved costs

South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which are the four national systems with the largest demand in the flexible packaging market in the Middle East and Africa, are about to build production scheduling information collection. They use technical means to organically integrate the data information of the original production plant DCS system and non DCS control equipment, forming a complete, real-time and dynamic production information collection. Users can use the terminal computer to make the current production situation clear at a glance, which will play a very important role in process control, prevention and quality management

it is reported that the plant () is a key enterprise in Jiangsu Province and the former Ministry of chemical industry, and it is also the chairman unit of China's epoxy resin industry. In recent years, it has invested more than 500million yuan to complete the construction of the first domestic polycarbonate bisphenol a device and other large projects. Since last year, considerable efforts have been devoted to information construction. For the construction of office automation and the production of

information, they have also invested considerable funds in network construction and hardware supporting, and the investment in the whole software and hardware construction is nearly 1million yuan

however, this is only the first step in the informatization construction of the plant. The addition of glass fiber can reach more than 50%. According to xuweiliang, the chief engineer of the factory, at present, they have been planning the construction of ERP, and strive to build a financial and sales inventory system as a whole in 2004, so as to meet the requirements of large-scale production, large-scale circulation, standardizing business processes and improving operation quality

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