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Wuzhen conference focuses on artificial intelligence, vanpu Jinke explores new applications of "ai+ finance"

original title: Wuzhen conference focuses on artificial intelligence, vanpu Jinke explores new applications of "ai+ finance" in the afternoon of November 8, the fifth World Internet Conference

Original Title: Wuzhen conference focuses on artificial intelligence, vanpu Jinke explores new applications of "ai+ finance"

in the afternoon of November 8, The "artificial intelligence: new opportunities for integrated development" forum of the fifth World Internet Conference was held in Andu hall. Under the chairmanship of Liu duo, President of the China Academy of information and communications, the founding partner and CEO of fanpujinke, which is the thinnest material in the world at present - the material with the exact thickness of graphene, Qi, the co-founder of Xiaoma Zhixing &ceo Peng Jun, the vice president of 360 group Yan Shuicheng, the president of AI research institute, Fu Sheng, the chairman and CEO of cheetah mobile, Suhua, the founder and CEO of Kwai technology, Zhu Zibo, the founder and CEO of small I robot, and other guests frequently held a peak dialogue with the theme of "pragmatic promotion of landing applications". Corrosion resistance

(Dong Qi, founding partner and CEO of fanpujinke, on the first right of the forum site)

Dong Qi said that the application of AI in the vertical field is an opportunity for start-ups. AI is very powerful, and using it to solve the specific problems of the vertical industry is the best empowerment

At present, the application of artificial intelligence in various industries shows a multi-point flowering situation, such as education, medical treatment, driving, retail, etc., and finance is one of the early and more applied fields of artificial intelligence due to industry characteristics. As an important financial innovation achievement, fintech also benefits from the blessing of artificial intelligence, and the service efficiency and quality can be greatly improved

Dong Qi said that fanpujinke is a company that provides supplementary financial information services. Using artificial intelligence technology, it can obtain many capabilities that financial institutions originally did not have, including anti fraud, accurate customer acquisition, etc. Traditional modeling methods can no longer achieve rapid and accurate risk judgment, while AI's support for modeling can achieve high-efficiency and low-cost risk control

it is obvious that AI will further improve the risk control ability of fintech companies, just as the intelligent risk control system "finup cloud" independently developed by vanpu Jinke based on AI technology has greatly improved its anti fraud and risk assessment ability, so as to provide sustainable high-quality services. Dong Qi said that at present, vanpu Jinke has begun to export the risk control, customer acquisition and other capabilities of fintech to financial institutions through cooperation

sinking entities, AI helps benefit farmers Service

the financial industry, which takes serving the real economy as its natural responsibility and mission, is one of the natural landing scenarios of artificial intelligence, which has become the consensus of the industry. As we all know, has China's economy changed from the stage of high-speed growth to the stage of high-quality development, and the contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises to China's economy can not be ignored. The financial industry serves small and medium-sized enterprises well, which is of great benefit to the development of China's real economy. Fintech has the advantages of low marginal cost, high service efficiency and high service quality in serving long tail customers such as small and medium-sized enterprises. Artificial intelligence will amplify this advantage

at the forum, Dong Qi shared the exploration of fanpujinke in financial technology to support agriculture, rural areas and farmers and financial poverty alleviation. He said that fanpujinke reached a strategic cooperation with Yangling District of Shaanxi Province at the end of last year to jointly explore and establish a beneficial agricultural financial technology service system in line with the actual development. At the same time, fanpujinke also launched the "rural kindling plan" in cooperation with Youcheng entrepreneur poverty alleviation foundation to help small and micro entrepreneurs who return home to start businesses in Guangxi, Qinghai, Guizhou and other places, and help the transformation of local traditional business forms. Dong Qi admitted that AI has played an important role in the exploration of agriculture, rural areas and poverty alleviation

science and technology are the primary productive forces. In the era of the big explosion of science and technology, modern information technologies such as Internet, big data and artificial intelligence continue to make breakthroughs, and the leap in productivity has been taking place. This world interconnection conference released the control system of intelligent driving, intelligent after-sales, 5g RF module and IOT safety electro-hydraulic high frequency fatigue testing machine. By adjusting the potentiometer, we can realize the control solutions of electro-hydraulic exciter excitation frequency, amplitude and vibration center offset, and other eye opening global interconnection leading scientific and technological achievements. As the leader of vanpulgink, While exchanging ideas with industry elites, Dong Qi also personally understood the development trend of cutting-edge technology for the first time, which undoubtedly benefited from leading the company's financial technology research and development to build a brand technology moat

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