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Wuyi Rock Tea calls for high-quality packaging

the quality of fine packaged tea bought at 100 or 200 yuan is not much better than that of canned tea at 50 or 60 yuan, but even so, many consumers still like to buy Fine packaged tea. Wuyi Rock Tea (Narcissus, cinnamon) is very famous in the province, but in many big cities, because of its "flat appearance", the market share is much lower than that of similar tea. Current situation: stereotyped key words: similar lack of brand bulk sales for a long time, Wuyi rock tea packaging is stereotyped and lack of personality. The same packaging may be produced by different tea enterprises, which not only makes tea enterprises unable to establish their own brand, but also makes consumers wonder why the same packaged tea has different quality. Recently, I visited many tea plantations and tea business sites in Wuyi Mountain Resort and found that the counters were mostly empty tea packaging boxes, on which there were neither the manufacturer's address nor the variety label of tea. Miss Huang of "Zhizhi tea ceremony" told that they mainly sell bulk tea. As long as tourists buy tea, the store can provide packaging boxes according to customers' needs. As for the packaging that guests choose, it depends on their preferences. After careful observation, the packaging boxes at all tea sales points are very similar. The most common one is a cylindrical paper packaging box, which has different specifications and sizes. The better ones are clearly printed, and are annotated with Chinese and English notes on the manufacturer's address and tea drinking methods. The second ones have rough patterns and no manufacturer's address and other marks, but neither of the two packaging boxes has the brand logo of the tea manufacturer. It is necessary to find a more accurate method and consider the average stress correction and Neuber elastic-plastic correction method; Based on the strain life curve of the corresponding material of the spring seat and miner's criterion, the fatigue life of the spring seat is calculated. Meidi tea packaging can only be seen on the container of the supermarket. These fine packaged tea are mostly in the form of "one bag and one bubble", which is pollution-free and low-noise. The large packaging box is divided into several small boxes, and the box is divided into one or two small bags. The packaging box is very exquisite, printed with the strong universal standard of the Registrar, and it is also convenient to carry. Tea enterprises: too many helpless Keywords: high cost and high risk "it's not that we don't want to improve the packaging, but there are too many helpless." In the interview, many tea owners sighed, "to improve the packaging, you have to invest more than onehundredthousands or twohundredthousand at one time, and whether the new packaging can be recognized by the market is unknown and has great risks." This makes many tea enterprises that want to improve packaging stagnate. On the other hand, the correct use of electronic universal experimental machine fixture should be that there is no enterprise in Wuyishan that can carry out fine packaging production at present. "There should be exquisite and high-grade packaging, which should be designed and made in Fuzhou, Wenzhou, Xiamen and other places." Zugengrong, the head of Wuyishan tea general farm, told me that the cost would be greatly increased. Large tea farms felt difficult, not to mention many small tea farms, which also restricted tea enterprises from improving packaging. It is understood that most tea farms in Wuyishan sell in bulk and paperback, one of which is sold to orderers in bulk. Many tea factories often sell bulk tea to foreign dealers at the price of 60-100 yuan per kilogram. After the dealers repackage, the price of tea immediately increases by more than ten or twenty times, and the profits earned by dealers are far higher than those of tea producers. The other is to sell tea after simple packaging. According to statistics, in the sales of Wuyi rock tea, bulk sales accounted for nearly 80% of the total sales. Insiders: "a good horse needs to be equipped with a good saddle" key words: highlight personality and integrate into Wuyi Culture "at present, the drum shaped packaging boxes commonly used in Wuyi Mountain tea market are collectively referred to as general cans. Strictly speaking, this is not a package, but a box for tea." Lu shantu, the vice mayor of Wuyishan City in charge of the tea industry, admitted in an interview, "the quality of tea packed in this way is different. Without its own brand, the whole tea market is very irregular." "There is no doubt about the quality of Wuyi rock tea, but 'a good horse needs a good saddle'." Zu gengrong gave an example: once, a tea merchant came to his tea factory to buy tea. The tea of the same quality sold for 80 yuan/kg without packaging. The tea merchant had no reaction after drinking it. If he spent 20 yuan on packaging, he could sell it for 200 yuan/kg with a makeover. After drinking it, the tea merchant thought the tea was good, but the packaging was still not good. Usually, foreign tea merchants buy Wuyi rock tea in large quantities and sell it at a price much higher than the purchase price after fine packaging. Tea merchants make a lot of money, but tea producers make little profit. However, most of the packaging boxes that capable big tea farms purchase from other places are the same or similar, which cannot highlight the characteristics of Wuyi rock tea and its own brand. Fortunately, at present, many tea enterprises also realize that the packaging with their own personality is also to establish an image and brand for enterprises. For example, large-scale tea enterprises such as Yongsheng tea factory and Wuyishan tea General Factory attach great importance to the outer packaging of tea and establish their own brands. Among them, the trademark of "double lions playing ball" of Yongsheng tea factory has also been rated as a provincial famous brand, and if the brand is famous, it will bring greater sales. They all hope Wuyishan can introduce a large packaging enterprise. Wuyishan municipal government also has this intention. Lu shantu said that the government hopes that each tea enterprise can constantly improve the packaging and develop in a higher and more refined direction. "But each tea enterprise has its own different business philosophy. We don't do 'one size fits all', but can gradually implement the refined packaging of Wuyi rock tea." "The more gorgeous the boutique packaging is, the better." Wangshunming, President of Wuyishan Tea Association, believes that customers should not buy tea because of packaging. The packaging of Wuyi rock tea should be beautiful, easy to store and carry, and have the personality characteristics of Wuyi rock tea and contain Wuyi Culture. "Refined packaging is on the one hand, and the promotion of publicity is also a very important aspect." A tea house owner showed his view that even if the package was put on, it might not be able to expand sales. Therefore, we should further strengthen the publicity of Wuyi rock tea and refine the packaging at the same time, so as to add fuel to the flames and truly make Wuyi rock tea fragrance at home and abroad

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