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Wuxi IOT Industrial Research Institute was inaugurated on January 4

on January 4, Wuxi IOT Industrial Research Institute was inaugurated and established, which is another important strategic platform built by Wuxi in the national sensor innovation demonstration zone after the China IOT Development Research Center. Yang Weize, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Wuxi Municipal Party committee, and Wang Xi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Secretary of the Party committee of the Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, jointly unveiled the Academy. Municipal leaders Chen Zhenyi, Xu Gang, Tan Xueming and others attended the ceremony

Liuhaitao, who was elected as the first president of Wuxi IOT Industry Research Institute, said that the newly established Wuxi IOT Industry Research Institute, with "the overall designer of Wuxi IOT technology, industrial system, industrial structure and industrial chain" as its primary positioning, will carry out top-level design for the industrialization of Wuxi IOT, and take the lead in cooperating with relevant universities, research institutions, enterprises and other units in Wuxi to form an IOT technology industry alliance and open up the industrial value chain, It also provides a basis for Wuxi IOT industry decision-making

Wuxi IOT Industrial Research Institute is built on the basis of the national sensing engineering technology research center. It needs to constantly strengthen the technology plan around the national strategy of the industry and the major scientific research and innovation ability, and will make full use of the advantages of the existing core team of the Institute under general circumstances to strive to overcome the industrialization bottleneck technology and core detent technology; Taking advantage of the existing standardization advantages, the core technology and patents of the Institute are fully incorporated into the standardization system at all levels, and become the industrial benchmark of the international and domestic IOT; Form a "turnkey project" that integrates products, pilot projects, production, testing, technical support and some customer resources, and become an incubator and industrial engine of IOT equipment manufacturing and information service enterprise clusters, and build Wuxi into a bridgehead of China's IOT industry

on the day of the unveiling, the signing ceremony was held for the first batch of industrialization and demonstration projects of the Research Institute, such as Jiangsu zhongkesichuang Sensor Technology Co., Ltd., Wuxi Airport application demonstration project, citizen center application demonstration project, etc. CSCEC will be engaged in the R & D, production and sales of sensor network products, intelligent automation, radio frequency identification and other equipment and systems; The construction of phase I of Wuxi Airport Shuofang enclosure intrusion prevention project will enter the acceptance stage at the end of January, realizing all-weather, all-time real-time monitoring and prevention of man-made damage. The enclosure has increased by 9.9% over the previous year, climbing fences, approaching early warning, which is better than PES and nylon video composite and other airport enclosure intrusion prevention functions, as well as low altitude parabolic detection, large-scale automatic tracking of fences and other advanced functions; The citizen center application demonstration project includes an integrated information processing platform and four systems: security, intelligent building, intelligent transportation and intelligent parking lot

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