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Wuxi intelligent automatic control plans to invest 450million yuan to build a new switch control valve manufacturing base project

electromechanical home. It was learned that Wuxi Intelligent Automatic Control Engineering Co., Ltd. recently released an advertisement saying that according to the company's strategic development plan, and in combination with the international and national market development trend of intelligent control valves in the rapidly exposed product shortcomings and weak links, as well as the actual business situation of the company's high-performance electronic universal material testing machine company, In order to further enhance the company's capacity scale, optimize the product structure and enhance its market position, the company plans to invest 450million yuan to build a new "switch control valve manufacturing base project"

Wuxi Intelligent Automatic Control Engineering Co., Ltd. said that the company has always taken expanding and strengthening its main business as its strategic goal, and is committed to the import substitution of medium and high-end control valve products. In terms of the current industrial scale, there is still a gap with international peers. This investment and construction "The switch control valve manufacturing base project aims to further enhance the competitiveness of the industry by optimizing the product structure, accelerating the release of production capacity and improving the level of process technology, ensuring the smooth implementation of the company's medium - and long-term strategic planning.

it is reported that Wuxi intelligent automatic Control Engineering Co., Ltd. is a new technology of high and regular replacement of composite pads in the field of industrial process control, which specializes in the R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of a full range of intelligent control valves Technology enterprises, which have been committed to investing millions of dollars in intelligence, including the construction of a new production facility in the United States and the technological innovation and development in the field of control valves, are the first enterprises in China to apply technology to the field of control valves through independent research and development, replace inlet control valves with domestic high-performance control valves, and adhere to the path of localization of intelligent control valves. At present, they have 132 national patents

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