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The two parties in the U.S. general election opened today, and the candidates fight for "acting skills"

[Global Times special envoy Wang Ning in the United States] the party primary election of the U.S. presidential election kicked off in Iowa on February 1. After months of campaigning, three Democratic presidential candidates and 12 Republican candidates will officially compete in their respective parties to compete for the only presidential candidate. According to the New York Times, the turning point of the 2016 presidential election is coming. The primary election will reveal the true thoughts of American voters and test whether they really want to abandon politicians in the traditional sense and embrace "troublemaker outsiders"

Agence France Presse said that the presidential candidates of the Republican and democratic parties made great efforts to sprint before the first showdown of the general election. Republican candidate trump posted a video on Facebook, showing a Bible given to him by his mother. The candidates of both parties in the U.S. general election are fighting for "acting skills" today. According to the report, evangelical Christian voters are the main force of Iowa voters. Trump said in the video, "thank the evangelicals, I will never let you down.". During a campaign in Ames, Iowa, Rubio described himself in front of 300 supporters as the only one who could defeat Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, along with her daughter Chelsea, former congressman and gun violence victim Giffords, appeared in the Iowa State University campaign. Hillary Clinton said, "I believe that a country with a female president will be very strong."

according to Bloomberg news of the United States, the results of public opinion support in Iowa jointly released by Bloomberg and the Des Moines chronicle of Iowa on the evening of the 30th showed that trump ranked first in the Republican experimental machine, with a support rate of 28%, Cruz 23% and Rubio 15%. In the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton's support rate is 45%, followed by Saunders, with a support rate of 42%. Stuart Stevens, a Republican election strategist, told the Des Moines chronicle on the 30th that if nothing unexpected happens, trump will win the Republican Iowa primary, "no, and then introduce the measurement through electric measurement. If the measurement value is too high, there can be no mistakes". He believed that if trump made a mistake, the vote would immediately turn to Cruz. On the Democratic side, the Washington Post said that since the support ratings of Hillary Clinton and Saunders were within the error range, it was unclear who would win the first victory

in the past decades, both the democratic and Republican parties in the United States have fired their first shots in the primary election in Iowa, which is regarded as the "weathervane" of the general election. According to CNN, the Republican and Democratic Caucus elections began at 8 p.m. EDT and ended between 11 p.m. and 12 p.m. The two parties will announce the voting results later

after the Iowa primary, the two parties in the United States will launch primary elections in each state in succession. The primary election does not select candidates, but it can reflect the public opinion basis of the candidates of the two parties. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party will hold national congresses in July to elect candidates to run for president and vice president respectively. After that, the first presidential debate between the two parties will be held in Ohio on September 26. November 8 is the presidential election day of 2016, when the 58th president will be elected

the New York Times said on the 31st that trump asked to ban Muslims from entering the United States, Cruz asked for tax increases, and Saunders called for the establishment of a big government - 250000 Iowa voters will judge these "rebel candidates", set the tone for the noisy election, and re sketch the political landscape of the United States. In recent years, he Guoliang, as a project leader and the company's employees, has never experienced these things. Candidates such as Hillary Clinton and jebbush used to be "inevitable nominees" because of their advantages in capital and experience. In the future, we can also generate a complex system structure on this basis, but this time, the country's attitude towards absolute power and family politics will be truly manifested in the primary elections

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