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the United States is expected to increase crude oil production in 2015 and 2016

the United States is expected to increase crude oil production in 2015 and 2016

January 20, 2015

[China paint information] oil production in the United States will increase in 2015 and 2016, although oil prices have fallen by 60% since mid June 2014, and OPEC has implemented policies aimed at curbing the shale oil boom in North America

when the US government released the above forecast, a major member of OPEC said that OPEC adhered to its strategy of maintaining stable production, which will test high-cost oil producing countries around the world

the U.S. Department of energy said that the daily oil production of the United States will increase by 600000 barrels to 9.3 million barrels in 2015; In 2016, it will increase by 200000 barrels to 9.5 million barrels

the growth expectation for 2015 is slightly lower than the prediction in December 2014, reflecting the pressure of the decline in oil prices on the U.S. oil industry. The US Department of energy said, "many oil companies have reduced exploratory drilling activities to cope with the continuous decline of oil prices. In the future, drilling activities will be concentrated in mature areas with oil production wells."

these official estimates show that the ability of the U.S. shale industry to cope with the sharp decline in oil prices is not as weak as people originally feared. Although production growth will slow, officials said that production in 2016 will reach the highest level since 1970

however, some analysts are less optimistic. They predict that the relevant investment will decline significantly, which will lead to a decline in production at the end of this year

in November 2014, after OPEC decided to keep its production unchanged at 30million barrels per day instead of reducing production to boost oil prices, oil prices accelerated their decline. OPEC accounts for one third of the world's oil production

some investors bet that U.S. crude oil will fall below the yield point of $20 per barrel - the last time this level occurred was nearly 13 years ago. The New York Mercantile Exchange has chosen the latest version of cannon jetpreg solution (NYMEX). According to the data, the sample should be cut from the flat material by March, 2015. In June, the number of unsettled contracts (i.e. put options) with the right to sell the U.S. benchmark crude oil - West Texas Intermediate crude oil at this price rose to 13129 from a level close to zero in early 2015. This is equivalent to 13million barrels of oil

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