The hottest U.S. manufacturing industry continues

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The U.S. manufacturing industry continued to expand, and the rubber and plastic industry was in a contraction state

Xinhua Washington, March 1 (Jiang vortex street flowmeter Xufeng Liu Lina) the data released by the American Institute of supply management on the 1st showed that the purchasing managers' index of the U.S. manufacturing industry in February was 61.4, an increase of 0.6 percentage points over January, indicating that the U.S. manufacturing industry expanded for the 19th consecutive month

the data also showed that the new order index of manufacturing industry in the month was 68.0, with a month on month increase of 0.2 percentage points; The production index was 66.3, with a month on month increase of 2.8 percentage points; The price index was 82.0, with a month on month increase of 0.5 percentage points; The employment index was 64.5, an increase of 2.8 percentage points; The inventory index was 48.8, down 3.6 percentage points

in terms of industries, 14 of the 18 manufacturing industries expanded in February, including clothing, machinery, computers and electronic products, food, beverage and tobacco products, transportation equipment, etc., the same scale as the 14 industries expanded last month. The other four manufacturing industries are in contraction, including primary metals, furniture and related products, plastic and rubber products

the American Institute of supply management believes that the manufacturing purchasing managers' index in February can also set a new high for type materials since May 2004. Driven by export demand, sub indexes such as new orders and production increased strongly. However, although there are many positive signals in the data of that month, the real estate related industries are still dragged down by the downturn of the property market. The continuous rise of the price index also reflects the rising price of international bulk commodities and raw materials, whose input signal or load should be limited to the specified range

the purchasing managers' index of American manufacturing industry is a barometer to measure the comprehensive development of American manufacturing industry. The index is usually close to 1 with 50 Check and repair the boundary point of the power supply line. If it is higher than 50, it is considered that the manufacturing industry is expanding, and if it is lower than 50, it indicates that the manufacturing industry is shrinking

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