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The United States is becoming the center of the world chemical industry again

Where is the center of the global chemical industry? Some people say that in China, because this country has a huge market demand; Others say that in Europe, its technological advantages are unparalleled

however, according to Fu Weina, a member of AkzoNobel's Management Committee in charge of professional chemicals business, the current trend is that the Middle East and the United States are becoming the development focus of global industry. Because these two regions have obvious advantages. Fu Weina told the international finance news that the former is the concentration of oil production, which can reduce the costs of transportation, resale and other aspects; The latter is vigorously developing shale gas and reducing the price of natural gas, while using natural gas as raw material to produce chemical products is cheaper than using crude oil as the cost

Fu Weina suggested that China should also do some homework in shale gas, and this move will also help AkzoNobel deepen its strategy in China

the chemical industry center shifted to the United States

since the 1990s, the competitive advantage of the American chemical industry has gradually lost, mainly because, on the one hand, the dependence on foreign crude oil is very high, and more expensive oil has to be imported from the Middle East; On the other hand, high electricity prices have plagued the manufacturing industry, including the chemical industry

after the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, foreign media have analyzed that the global petrochemical supply will further shift from Europe and North America to regions with low natural gas costs, as well as regions with strong demand such as China and India. At that time, it was estimated that by 2010, the global sales of chemical products would reach $2.4 trillion, while China would account for nearly 12%

however, judging from the current development trend, Fu Weina found that the United States is becoming the center of the world's chemical industry again. Due to the large-scale exploitation and commercial development of shale gas, the current United States is gradually getting rid of high electricity prices and high oil prices, and has made great changes

according to his introduction, first of all, using shale gas as raw material to generate electricity has reduced the price of electricity in the United States. A data in 2012 shows that the retail price of electricity in New England is only half of the previous level. For example, in February of that year, the retail price in this region was 3 cents/kWh -4 cents/kWh, and in 2006-2011, the figure was 6 cents/kWh -8 cents/kwh in the same period

secondly, taking shale gas as the raw material of chemical industry also reduces the raw material cost of chemicals. As far as I know, the bay area of the United States has invested $100billion in shale gas, mainly to support shale gas as a raw material for the ethylene industry chain. Fulvina said

in fact, during the national two sessions this year, fuchengyu, chairman of Sinopec, said that the center of the global chemical industry is shifting to the United States, and one of the key factors is the low shale gas price

Chinese investment will not slow down

however, for the United States, the uncertainty now is whether shale gas can continue to maintain a low price. Zhangguobao, former director of the national energy administration, previously said that in the past few years, the number of surface drilling wells in the United States has decreased by 75%. At present, the low gas price in the United States is unsustainable, and the market will adjust the gas price to return to the normal level

in this regard, fuweina believes that as long as shale gas is developed on a large scale, natural gas prices will not rise rapidly, at least in the short term. Fu Weina said that China should also speed up its development in the field of shale gas. In particular, China's shale gas reserves are much larger than those of the United States. Fixtures continue to be used in such cases

in fact, China has listed shale gas as an independent mineral. China announced that significant changes have taken place in the quality control of imported materials. At the same time, two consecutive rounds of shale gas exploitation bidding involving Sichuan, Hubei and other regions have been carried out

Fu Weina believes that although the low-cost shale gas in the United States boosts the chemical industry, the huge demand in the Chinese market has accelerated the development of AkzoNobel in China

urbanization will become an important driving force for China's development. Fu Weina said that the company will obtain opportunities in the high-performance coating market. For example, the rapid development of China's automotive industry will bring greater market share, especially in automotive touch up paint; Secondly, in terms of decorative paint, the paint used in house renovation will also become a new growth point

I have to pay the "packaging waste management assistance fund". According to the international finance news, I am very excited. It is understood that AkzoNobel has not only opened its fourth factory in Ningbo this year, involving cellulose business, but also will continue to invest in the western region in the future, doubling the production capacity of the powder coating factory in Chengdu

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