The hottest U.S. military stationed in South Korea

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According to Yonhap news agency on January 27, relevant personnel of the South Korea US joint command revealed that the South Korean US military is now using small unmanned aerial vehicles "Raven" and "shadow" to calculate the thrust of the electromagnetic vibration test machine. In case of war, it is planned to invest a new unmanned reconnaissance and attack aircraft "gray Eagle" on the peninsula

the U.S. military has introduced the "gray Eagle" to the Gunsan base in South Korea in the second half of 2015 and trained with Apache helicopters (AH-64, they intend to continue to work hard E) and others. After the end of the joint exercise in November 2015, general atomics, the research and development company of unmanned attack aircraft, explained through the reported data that the images collected by the high-resolution image collection device were transmitted to Apache and the ground control station, and the operation was carried out on this basis. It has been confirmed that operations can also be carried out under the meteorological conditions of the peninsula

the South Korean Defense Ministry also predicted that considering the tight air defense of North Korea, the United States may also deploy "gray hawks" in non war. However, relevant personnel of the South Korea US joint command said that the United States completed the project of the "gray Eagle" training ground in early January, and it has not been popularized yet. It will take time for the "gray Eagle" to be deployed in South Korea during non war

"grey Eagle" is 8 meters long and 17 meters wide. It can fly for up to 30 hours. It can use surveillance, reconnaissance, missiles and other attack targets. It can carry 4 anti tank missiles "Hellfire" that attack enemy armored vehicles about 8 kilometers away and 4 gbu-44/b "packaging bags made of heat sealing technology for Viper heat sealing strength experiment" small laser guided bombs, which can directly hit the main targets in North Korea North of the military demarcation line

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