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The U.S. Navy ordered fuel cell systems for the field test of unmanned aerial vehicles

the U.S. Navy ordered fuel cell systems for the field test of unmanned aerial vehicles

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Ballard Power Systems announced that its subsidiary protonex has received purchase orders from the U.S. Navy for fuel cell propulsion systems for a total of 13 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platforms. Delivery of the fuel cell propulsion system is expected to take place in 2018

protonex provided proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell propulsion system for the successful ion tiger fuel cell UAV program, and is now providing a variant of the 600 Watt PEM fuel cell propulsion system for the subsequent hybrid tiger UAV program

phil Robinson, vice president of protonex unmanned system, said: we have worked with the U.S. Navy for ten years to optimize our fuel cell propulsion system and provide key advantages, including long-distance, quiet operation, high reliability, minimum vibration and low maintenance. It is exciting that our innovative design will be finally tested with key customers under severe operating conditions

hybrid tiger UAV is designed by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) to explore new power system technology for UAV propulsion. Protonex's high-efficiency fuel cell, combined with other technologies, is expected to be more durable than the 26 hours shown by ion tiger in 2009. Through this program, protonex provides a key technology to advance the performance goals of unmanned systems in the Navy's situation

the U.S. Department of defense uses the protonex fuel cell UAV propulsion system to enhance flight duration and range while minimizing audible noise. The robust and reliable system is designed for all types of environments and high altitude areas, and can perform rigorous tasks on a global scale. Protonex fcair series commercial UAV power system is based on this defense heritage to ensure its safety, and is used in agriculture, asset inspection, monitoring, search and rescue and other fields

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