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Ericsson will test 5g technology in Brazil next year. It is expected that Ericsson will cooperate with Mexican telecom giant Amrica m VIL in 2020 to introduce 5g technology into Brazil in 6 years

when Brazilian president dilma Rousseff visited Sweden earlier this week, Ericsson announced the project at its headquarters. At the initial stage of the project, it is planned to study how consumers and enterprises use 5g2 and the tensile bond strength test of adhesive bonding with cement mortar (jgj144 ⑵ 004 technical specification for exterior wall external insulation engineering); As a result, the gauze becomes stiff and unable to absorb water normally and becomes dry. It is hoped that it will be commercially available by 2020

according to the calculation of Gartner, an American market research company, the usage of allied devices will increase by 30% in 2015, reaching 4.9 billion units and 25billion units in 2020. However, there are still some challenges in the IOT field, including deepening the cost of mutually beneficial cooperation for equipment and the ability of speed and battery life

embratel, Claro and net under Telecom America are all major enterprises in the Brazilian telecommunications field. The company will work with Ericsson to study the challenges facing IOT in Brazil, focusing on developing equipment with low power consumption for remote areas

this Swedish company has been cooperating with academic institutions and industry enterprises to develop new 5g products and services, and has 5g network projects in the United States, Canada and other countries

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