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Ericsson's "technology innovation week" was held. The world's first 5g device will be unveiled. From April 26 to 29, Ericsson's technology innovation week was held at Ericsson's China headquarters in Beijing. The innovation week focused on let s turn great ideas into global realities, comprehensively presenting Ericsson's technological innovation and leading solutions in 5g, cloud and IP, IOT, networking and other fields

Chris Houghton, President of Ericsson Northeast Asia, said: innovation is the gene of Ericsson. While maintaining its technical leadership in the traditional telecommunications field, Ericsson has continuously increased its technological innovation in 5g, cloud and IP, IOT and other fields, and has made technological innovation achievements in many fields together with other industry partners

the highlights of this technological innovation week include:

5g test bed

Ericsson ghost fishing gear kills more than 100000 whales, dolphins and seals every year. The 5g test bed based on the 15GHz spectrum will be displayed in China for the first time. In the actual demonstration, a peak downlink rate of 5.8gbps is obtained through a mobile terminal. The demonstration is a complete end-to-end concept prototype demonstration including 5g RRU, baseband and and a terminal (UE). This concept prototype demonstration was highlighted at the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The demonstration shows Ericsson's outstanding technology leadership in the 5g field

cloud ran

to meet different needs, Ericsson cloud ran provides a variety of architectures, including distributed d-ran, centralized c-ran, elastic E-RAN and virtualized v-ran, to meet the flexible deployment of different scenarios and provide users with the best experience. The existing network includes macro stations and micro stations. At the same time, the existing network also needs to evolve from 4G to 5g. Through cloud wireless access, all these wireless resources can be fully utilized and coordinated to maximize spectrum efficiency, so that users can always enjoy the best network experience

A key technology in

smart ran

5g is the communication delay between end users. When two terminals (UES) in the traditional 4G network establish communication, the data of the first UE should be sent to the core and then forwarded by the core to the second UE, so as to realize the communication between the two ues. The solution of intelligent wireless is to transfer the data from two ues to the base station without transmitting to the core. The base station transmits the data to another UE, which saves the data delay between the base station and the core. In this solution, a new tru node (traffic aggregation uni1 design idea t) is added to the equipment at the base station side to realize the establishment of communication between two ues without passing through the core

intelligent wireless projects can be widely used in automatic driving, car coupling, remote control and other scenarios. At the technology innovation week, Ericsson will use intelligent wireless access network technology to remotely control UAVs, significantly reducing the communication delay between UAVs

wireless access and transmission network cooperative control (RTI)

Ericsson wireless system can effectively integrate wireless access, forward transmission and back transmission. The innovative solution for cooperative control of wireless access and transmission networks provides end-to-end performance optimization through cooperative control across network functional domains, effectively improving user experience and network utilization efficiency. Through the perception of business and user needs, the network slice planning and strategy are implemented to the transmission, and finally the end-to-end network slice capability is realized

smart parking

nb IOT, as a new IOT access technology, has the unique advantages of high coverage, low power consumption and large capacity. These advantages make many applications possible and make the deployment of applications more flexible

the intelligent parking system based on Nb IOT shows these advantages. In a temporary parking lot, the deployment of a NB IOT intelligent parking system eliminates the cumbersome steps of wiring and installation. In the underground space difficult to be covered by traditional wireless broadband, Nb IOT intelligent parking system can easily provide stable access to ensure reliable data transmission. The low power consumption feature of Nb IOT can significantly extend the battery life of the terminal, and no additional maintenance is required for several years after deployment

livestock tracking

the use case of grazing tracking IOT is also based on Nb IOT technology, which can obtain ultra far coverage relative to the traditional system and is suitable for wide pasture scenarios. Wear NB IOT chips that are very cheap and have a longer battery life for each animal, so as to collect and transmit data related to livestock through the network for analysis, including judging whether livestock are healthy and the best breeding time. Deploying NB IOT can achieve unified management of intelligent animal husbandry and standardize the operation process

Ericsson PAAS and applications based on PAAS platform

Ericsson PAAS platform provides many environments and services required for application development, deployment and operation, such as container execution environment and scheduling, support for multi language deployment process, life cycle management for applications and policy control of customizable computing resources

with the vigorous development of PAAS platform, software architecture has also evolved, such as microservices. Each microservice is dedicated to accomplishing a specific function excellently. Several microservices are combined to form an application. Due to the independence and small scale of microservices, it has become an ideal PAAS software architecture supporting rapid development, deployment, operation and maintenance. Carrier class applications have special requirements for system capacity, performance, response speed and smooth upgrade. Ericsson tries to develop a typical Telecom Application Based on PAAS platform and micro service software architecture. The on-site demonstration will show many advantages brought by the new platform and software architecture, such as rapid customization, smooth upgrade and precise scalability operation

big data for utility

Ericsson power big data analysis and application solution aims to provide a unified high-performance big data platform. The platform can collect marketing, production, equipment and other data in multiple directions. Through the real-time data statistical processing of big data analysis engine, it can provide the analysis of electric quantity, load and line loss, and monitor electric operation. The solution adopts advanced algorithm expert knowledge base to carry out anti electricity theft investigation based on machine learning, and supports real-time query under massive data. At the same time, it establishes intuitive and friendly visualization functions based on maps and a variety of pie charts, histograms and curves, and provides rich user interaction methods

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