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Qiu Xiaolai, one of the leaders in the technical field of China's valve industry, lives in Wenzhou

Lingling... "Hello! Oh, I'm busy with the defense of the paper right now. Can you trouble me for noon? It's about 12:00 to 13:30, in which the loading servo motor, high-precision displacement measurement mechanism control, and high-precision load sensor form a closed-loop control system!" Qiu Xiaolai's busy voice came from the other end, with an apology in his words. Qiu Xiaolai, now the chief engineer of Zhejiang Chaoda Valve Co., Ltd.

the ancients used the idiom "thirst for talents" to describe the urgent need for talents, which is vivid. Nowadays, the times have changed, but the call and desire for excellent talents remain the same. A city without talents is like an empty shell without soul; An industry without talents is like a group of dragons without heads; A company will stagnate without the introduction of excellent talents... In recent years, Wenzhou first said after talents saw the machine: not all kinds of hard work are introduced, policies are attractive and retain people, and excellent talents from all walks of life have come to Wenzhou one after another. Now, what is the life of these outstanding talents after they leave Wenzhou? To this end, we have launched a series of reports on the lives of Wen's outstanding talents to see the stories of these new Wenzhou people

linglingling... "Hello! Oh, I'm busy with the defense of my thesis right now. Can you spare me noon? It's about 12:00 to 13:30!" Qiu Xiaolai's busy voice came from the other end, with an apology in his words. Qiu Xiaolai, now the chief engineer of Zhejiang Chaoda Valve Co., Ltd., was born in 1959. All wiring adopts aviation plug-in simple connection. In 1995, his family came to Wenzhou through talent introduction. Since then, Wenzhou has become his second hometown. As the first batch of senior talents to enter Wenzhou at that time, he has become a veritable high-end talent cultivated in Wenzhou for decades

recalling his decision to come to Wenzhou, Qiu Xiaolai thought it was a coincidence, but it was also logical

Qiu Xiaolai was a native of Jinhua, Zhejiang Province. At that time, he had settled down with his wife in Jinhua. Changing jobs meant moving his family to Wenzhou. At first, he was a little worried, but his wife supported his decision and resolutely came to Wenzhou with him through talent introduction

at that time, I was working in the General Machinery Research Institute of the Ministry of machinery industry, and I happened to have a product development work in cooperation with the current enterprise. After a period of cooperation, I had a certain understanding of the enterprise. Later, with the support of my wife, I naturally came to Wenzhou and arrived at the current enterprise. " Although it has been more than 20 years, that decision still stays in Qiu Xiaolai's memory, as if it was not long ago

Qiu Xiaolai told me that when he first came to Wenzhou, the scale of Wenzhou enterprises he saw was relatively small, and most of them were small private enterprises. The total number of employees who even had to pay for repairing enterprises was only a few dozen, which was very Mini. However, enterprises attach great importance to talents. Year after year, Wenzhou enterprises have developed and expanded more rapidly, which makes him feel that the decision to come to Wenzhou was very correct. "

in recent years, the valve industry has made great progress. I remember that in the early 1990s, many products of Wenzhou valves had a poor reputation in China, such as fake and shoddy products. But looking back, now the scale of the enterprise has become large, the products are getting better and better, the quality is good, and the reputation is good. " Qiu Xiaolai said

Qiu Xiaolai introduced that at present, in the valve industry, some excellent talents, about 50% of the industry talents are gathered in Wenzhou. "Wenzhou's talent introduction work, talent treatment is very good, such as the valve industry, in large enterprises and groups, the treatment is no worse than that of state-owned enterprises." Qiu Xiaolai said

as the chief engineer of Zhejiang Chaoda Valve Co., Ltd., Qiu Xiaolai has a busy and fulfilling job. Looking through his resume, it's hard to imagine that so many different titles and honors belong to him. Member of the national pipeline accessories Standardization Technical Committee, cross century academic and technical leader of Zhejiang Province, cross century academic and technical leader of Wenzhou City, member of the Standing Committee of Yongjia County People's Congress, member of Yongjia County Economic and technical expert advisory committee, national model worker... Most of the titles here are after he worked in Wenzhou, so Qiu Xiaolai is a high-end talent cultivated locally in Wenzhou

now, Qiu Xiaolai and his family have long been familiar with Wenzhou. His wife works in Wenzhou and his children grow up and study in Wenzhou. Qiu Xiaolai said with a smile that he had long regarded Wenzhou as his hometown and that he was from Wenzhou


Qiu Xiaolai, now the chief engineer of Zhejiang Chaoda Valve Co., Ltd., is a young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions in Zhejiang Province, 151 talents in Zhejiang Province, scientific and technological talents with outstanding contributions in Wenzhou City, famous teachers and masters in Wenzhou City. He has won the special allowance of the State Council, the 2010 national model worker, the 2007 National May Day Labor Medal, the 2007 Zhejiang model worker and other honorary titles, Won 5 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards

the valve industry is a distinctive industry in Wenzhou, which has considerable influence in the country and even in the world. Qiu Xiaolai has been responsible for or participated in the formulation of 64 national valve standards and national industry standards, 54 of which were formulated as Wenzhou technicians and enterprises representing Wenzhou, and 20 standards were drafted as the first drafter, which won the voice of Wenzhou enterprises in the technical field of the national valve industry and improved the technical status of Wenzhou enterprises in the same industry in the country. In addition, the 40 authorized patents he obtained have been applied in production, and achieved good economic and social benefits. The output value of his Chaoda valve company in 2013 reached 4. 800 million yuan

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