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Two dimensional code laser marking machine welcomes opportunities during the surge of shared bicycles

Abstract: it is understood that as of mid September 2017, Shenzhen has gathered more than 10 shared bicycles brands, and the number of shared bicycles is as high as 890000, equivalent to one shared single car for every 15 Shenzhen people. The average daily usage is 5.43 million, so it is necessary to consider whether it is the failure of the refrigeration system

in the past two years, shared bicycles have ranged from 0 to 100, with red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple colors. They gush out like volcanic eruptions. As long as we search casually, all kinds of bike sharing apps can fill the screen. It can be seen that bike sharing has successfully entered a period of explosive growth, and mobike, ofo, Xiaolan and other bike sharing have successively entered Shenzhen. Their appearance soon solved the headache of "the last mile", and was called by the media as "the last perfect puzzle of urban transportation"

it can avoid the role of hot bridge to the greatest extent. It is understood that as of mid September 2017, Shenzhen has gathered more than 10 brands of shared bicycles, and the statistical number of shared bicycles is as high as 890000, which is equivalent to one shared bicycle for every 15 people in Shenzhen, with an average daily use of 5.43 million people. However, while the number of bicycles is soaring, bike sharing is also facing many problems. In the process of renting, the user scans the QR code to obtain the password of the smart lock to pick up the car, which is the mode adopted by most shared bicycles at present. However, after the emergence of shared bicycles in various cities, the QR code has been destroyed

as a renter, I deeply realize that after the QR code of shared bicycles is destroyed, we can't borrow them at all. Such bicycles have been taken by some people as their own and become "shared cars". This kind of pressure adaptive oil source can improve the efficiency by about one time compared with the constant pressure source. In view of such situations, Shenzhen jinbofang company has come up with a clever trick, marking the laser QR code on the shared bike, and recording the owner's information in the QR code, which can reduce the profit space of illegal criminals, increase the cost of illegal crimes, and make the bike easy to find and not easy to lose

cracks will become larger and larger

the reason why jinbofang laser QR code marking can help police guard against theft is that the text and graphics of laser marking are not only clear and fine, but also will not be easily erased, modified and imitated. It can effectively prevent the QR code on the shared bike from being scratched and damaged

according to industry experts, laser marking is mainly a marking method that uses high-energy density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize the surface material or produce a chemical reaction of color change, thereby leaving a permanent mark. Laser marking can print all kinds of words, patterns, etc., with small heat affected area, fine processing, low cost, easy operation and no pollution

over the years, jinbofang laser has worked intensively in the field of metal laser processing, and has profound technical precipitation and experience. Its universal fiber laser marking machine adopts international high-quality fiber lasers, which are widely used in electronic components, hardware tools, electrical products, daily consumer goods, sensors, auto parts, and can mark all kinds of fine and complex patterns required by users on the surface of products

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