Qiu Zhanping competes to be the first agricultural

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Qiu Zhanping competed to be the "No. 1 agricultural manipulator in Gansu"

it was an autumn in 2005. Qiu Zhanping returned to the house after dinner and lay down. The light in the room was a little dim. The silent empty quarterly maintenance can be said to be a big maintenance plan. His anger was suddenly broken by the clanging sound of his wife's washing dishes, Master Qiu's ears lack the warmth of the past, which is quite painful...

at that time, master Qiu was in his 40s and ran a clothing store in the village. When he got married in 1990, the newly married master Qiu made a promise to his wife to live in a big house. Now 15 years have passed, the house has not been changed, and there are more complicated expenses for two sons to study and go to school, The income of the clothing store is so meager in this family, and the last letter combination stro has also become an inextricable annoyance in master Qiu's heart. Master Qiu did not lose his will by the heavy reality, but began to think about ways to solve the problem. Master Qiu, who lacked education and technology, began to prepare for a career change

Qiu Zhanping takes a group photo with his own Lovol Valley God

as the saying goes: with one skill in hand, you can eat and drink without worry. Qiu Zhanping knew that his "skill" was still in the field. "At that time, harvesters were still rare. People in ten miles and eight villages might not be able to find one. Although it was not cheap, there was a lot of work. Anyone who had a harvester made a lot of money." Master Qiu's face was resolute: "I know this is the way out! To say a fashionable word, I was Xiaobai of agricultural machinery at that time. I don't know what brand is good, so I can only find the master who drives the harvester. After stopping, I went to hand over a cigarette sleeve."

in this way, after combining the opinions of the old farmers, Qiu Zhanping bought the first harvester in his life - Golden whirlwind, the God of Lovol Valley, and embarked on the road to wealth. "After I can drive this car skillfully, I know why it is called golden whirlwind." Master Qiu smiled and recalled, "this guy is like a whirlwind in the field. Swish, swish, and the wheat will be collected!" In this way, master Qiu's family situation is getting better and better in the "pursuit of the wind" again and again

time passed quickly, and Qiu Zhanping's two sons grew up to be strong boys from Naughty childhood. Around 2010, master Qiu's eldest son made up his mind to work with him as an agricultural manipulator in the so-called 5-axis additive manufacturing. At this time, master Qiu had the idea of working across regions and just trained his son to be a deputy, so the prototype of the "Qiu family team" appeared. Master Qiu recalled that his eldest son would always laugh when he drove the harvester for the first time: "during that time, I was very tired because I had to drive by myself because he was distressed. I asked him to try it. He had a good look and gave me a thumbs up after collecting it. As a result, he poured out the wheat and was silly and dirty!"

With the accumulation of experience, master Qiu's eldest son has gradually become an independent agricultural manipulator. The next year, master Qiu's youngest son also joined the team. Master Qiu said, "it's said that we are going to fight father and son soldiers. Our three sons are a big team. In that year, I bought three cars, Lovol Valley God ge60, Lovol Valley God GE70 and Lovol Valley God cc04!"

when asked why master Qiu liked Lovol Valley God's products so much, he looked at his son who worked in the field and said, "when I used golden whirlwind, the car never broke down, which was very easy to worry about, and you see, the Lovol Valley God cc04 he drove is particularly handy and flexible in our fields. My other cars also have their own characteristics." Master Qiu's will also not be able to give full play to its due role. The youngest son chimed in: "summing up the two words is solid and practical!" Master Qiu touched his son's head and laughed. His happy family was quite enviable

"our Qiu family team has worked across districts for seven or eight years, and can basically earn more than 200000 every year." Master Qiu said that today's master Qiu's family is no longer worried about their livelihood, and their two sons have their own cars, but master Qiu is not satisfied with the status quo. At the 2019 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, which has just ended, he ordered another Lovol Valley God ge80. In master Qiu's own words, "don't see that I can't compete with you young people, when it comes to agricultural machinery, I'm still very fashionable!" (Wang Hui)

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