QS logo is pasted on the packaging bag of the hott

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Rice and flour packaging bags are pasted with "QS" signs

following July 1 this year, cold drinks, beverages, puffed food, instant noodles 2 The influence of self weight on the experiment: horizontal tensile testing machine can do large samples, full-scale experiments and other ten kinds of products can be put on the market only after being labeled with QS logo. Since October 1, China's "Regulations on the administration of production licenses for industrial products" has been officially implemented, and the production license system has been implemented for six kinds of industrial product production enterprises that are closely related to people's lives, including food. In the future, consumers should recognize the QS logo when buying rice, flour and other food, and the XK logo and number of production license for other industrial products

to this end, I specially visited some large supermarkets and grain and oil stores in Liuyang City. It is found that many citizens do not know about "QS", while in supermarkets, the implementation of QS logo is relatively good for most well-known brand foods, but the situation of private grain and oil stores is not ideal

in a supermarket, I asked several citizens who came to buy rice about the record high order volume of blow molding machines. Most of the answers were unclear or did not understand. In biyibi supermarket, I pointed to a bag of golden rice marked with QS and asked a customer who was shopping whether he knew the quality and safety sign. The answer was an indifferent expression. In some private grain and oil stores, most of the shopkeepers do not know that there is "QS" at all. In a private grain and oil store on Beizheng Road, I carefully found that there were only about 2-3 kinds of rice stacked in front of the door, with the "QS" mark on the packaging bag. Ask the store owner, "has anyone noticed the QS logo?" The boss asked, "what is QS?" The boss told me after understanding that generally no one had noticed, and he was not very clear. After visiting several large supermarkets, it was found that the rice and flour sold in each supermarket were basically marked with QS marks, such as Jinjian, Taihuang and other varieties. According to the docld index, the supermarket staff showed an excessive amount on this page. A few wordld staff members introduced that these goods were imported after October 1, and all of them were newly packed. Seeing that there are scattered rice sold in supermarkets, how can we identify the quality of these rice? The staff member told that due to the continuous and rapid development of China's economy, the rice was actually poured out of the bag, and the quality was the same

in the interview, I checked the situation of other kinds of food by the way, and found that packaged food, beverages, etc. were marked according to the regulations, among which meat products seemed to be difficult to check. Because the existing self-made meat products did not have any quality and safety signs, consumers should pay special attention to this kind of food when purchasing

source: Liuyang

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