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Qiu Qiming, chairman of garberry, won the first prize of the national prose competition

Qiu Qiming, chairman of garberry, won the first prize of the national prose competition

September 9, 2009

Qiu Qiming (middle) came to the stage to accept the award

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[China paint information] on August 27, the 2009 National prose writers forum essay competition award ceremony was grandly held in the central party, government and military conference center - Jingxi Hotel, He presented a cultural gift for the 60th birthday of the Republic. At the meeting, Qiu Qiming, chairman of Guangdong Jiabaoli chemical group, won the first prize in the 2009 National prose writers' Forum essay competition

Wang ninzhi, former director of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, Zhang Shengyou, Secretary of the Secretariat of the Chinese Writers Association and member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, quartz, vice president of the Chinese prose society and former director of the literature and Art Department of the people's society, sunwuchen, vice president of the Lu Xun School of literature of the Chinese Writers Association, shaojianguo, Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese prose society and director of the writing center of the Chinese. At the award ceremony, Qiu Qiming came to the stage to receive the first prize trophy and certificate. As one of the few writers with entrepreneurial identity at this forum, Qiu Qiming left a deep impression on the participants

Qiu Qiming, born in January 1954, was admitted to the Department of Chinese language and literature of South China Normal University in 1978 and began to learn to write works. In 1981, he published his first novel "the first meeting" in "works". In 1982, he won the Chaohua literature award of Guangzhou literature and art. Later, he published his works in Guangzhou literature and art, youth, the golden age, the south, Yangcheng Evening News and other newspapers and periodicals. Currently, he is a member of Guangdong writers' Association, vice chairman of Foshan writers' Association, vice chairman of Guangdong coating industry association, etc

Qiu Qiming founded Guangdong Jiabaoli Chemical Co., Ltd. in 1993 and has been the chairman since then. According to China paint, in the past 15 years, garberry has become the first local paint brand in China. Due to business travel, although he likes writing, he has no time to take care of it. Only when his hands are itching, he writes an essay to quench his thirst. "When I was in college, I attached great importance to the cost of writing. Now it has become a simple emotional need. Without money to control thinking, I feel particularly good after writing." Speaking of the creation of "recalling Hangzhou in midsummer", Qiu Qiming said, "I love Hangzhou all my life, especially the West Lake. Every time I arrive, I must stay by the lake, close to the Fangze. The accumulation of my love for Hangzhou has caused the extravagant expectation of visiting the West Lake for the first time, and I can't taste the benefits of the West Lake in a hurry. It's like the first time I went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing, and I found that she was not as broad as I imagined, but later I went more and felt that she was really big. Therefore, the beauty of the West Lake accumulated in my heart again, and I didn't feel comfortable until I wrote it later Fast. "

Qiu Qiming wrote two essays on the West Lake in Hangzhou. Sister articles are "recalling Hangzhou in midsummer" and sister articles are "the green of West Lake", both published in Guangdong "Yangcheng Evening News". At present, Qiu Qiming's prose work "recalling Hangzhou in midsummer" has been included in "fifty years of flower land selection: Prose volume (Part 1 and Part 2)". The book collects more than 250 excellent essays from the 50th anniversary of the Yangcheng Evening News "flower land" supplement. It is divided into two volumes in a unit every ten years. Han Shaogong, Jiang Zilong, Liang Xiaosheng, Shu Ting, Tie Ning, congweixi, Yu Qiuyu, Yu Guangyuan, Deng Youmei, Chi Li, Liu Xinwu, Hua Junwu, Wang Meng, Zhang Kangkang, Sun Li, Yang Mo, Jia Pingwa, Chen Rong and a large number of well-known writers' works are included

attachment: Qiu Qiming's award-winning work

recalling Hangzhou in midsummer

Qiu Qiming

didn't feel special when he first arrived in Hangzhou. The car turned into the West Lake and drove slowly around the lake. Although the impression had changed, there was still no imagined impulse to praise Hangzhou as soon as I saw it. Without this impulse, it should be that I didn't realize the benefits, which I firmly believe. There is no reason why everyone has said Hangzhou is good for hundreds of years, but he is indifferent

check into the Shangri La Hotel close to the West Lake at noon. Considering that there was only half a day for sightseeing, I ate something in a hurry and went out for sightseeing. We first took a walk along the lake. After walking for a while, we didn't find anything special to praise. Then I went to the Yuewang temple and dragged myself into the history of the Song Dynasty. Seeing that I was not interested, my friend suggested going to the garden and saying that it was the essence of Suzhou and Hangzhou, so he went to see the pavilions and waterside pavilions for a while, empty mountains and thin stones. But after all, he is a rude man, and he can't consciously taste the exquisite and amazing places of Jiangnan gardens. Later, I boarded the Jade Emperor's top to have a bird's-eye view of the West Lake, watching the heavy rain coming from the other side of the lake, thousands of raindrops fluttering in the air, and where the rain came, the lake was glittering with gold. Thinking of Su Dongpo's famous sentence "it's good to have a bright wave, and it's strange to have a rainy sky in the mountains", I found some lovely places in the West Lake

I ordered several famous West Lake dishes for dinner and entertained some people. If Hangzhou is very beautiful, I feel a little hypocritical. After dinner, my friend took a walk and leaned on the fence alone to think about it. He couldn't help laughing. Laugh at your shallow ignorance. The beauty of Hangzhou lies in the scenery of lakes and mountains, pavilions and pavilions, and beauties. Although there is no beauty pleasure now, the green mountains are still there, the green water is still there, and the pavilions are still increasing. These have been checked one by one. What other extraordinary beauty do you hope to have

after dinner, I was bored, and the West Lake was close to my feet, so I walked downstairs alone. With less front-end and back-to-back support, huache served, but felt that there was less trouble, and picked up a rare leisure. So Anbu 6 The pendulum 3D design of mtsjbw-cd microcomputer controlled ultra-low temperature impact testing machine is used as a car. Place yourself in the midst of tourists and walk slowly towards Baidi. At this time, the night has settled, the West Lake is in full bloom, and thousands of lights decorate the flowers and grass by the lake, red, blue, yellow and green, complementing each other. Like a famous artist, after carefully sketching and putting on makeup, she appeared on the stage with glittering pearls, jingling rings and dazzling beauty. Looking at the West Lake under the light, I felt a little impulsive. At this time, zhenxizi also! Suddenly, to my great surprise, among the tourists, I'm sure that Hangzhou people account for at least 90% of them! I feel an uncontrollable impulse for this discovery. Because in the vicinity, such as the Great Wall, it is not from Beijing; In the distance, such as the Paris tower, it's not from Paris. But Hangzhou West Lake, I'm sure, belongs to Hangzhou people! I firmly believe that in the past hundreds of years, year after year, on Midsummer Nights, most people who stroll on the SUDI and Baidi every night and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the West Lake are Hangzhou people, not outsiders! Is this important? I don't know, but I like to be able to reduce the experimental error caused by pipe deformation of a single sensor. Equipped with a ring stiffness deformation measuring device, good things should first be enjoyed by our own people. For example, in the annual Mid Autumn Festival moon cake, the best thing is to honor your parents and family first, rather than take it as a gift, which is a deep sorrow

at this time, I really appreciate the benefits of the West Lake. The cool wind blows gently, the lake is shallow, and the dark light floats. The red light is high on the island in the middle of the lake, and the drum music is faint. Tourists on the lake more than ten miles long, such as weaving, or a family of young and old, or a couple of friends, holding their parents' skirts, holding their lovers' slender waist, or sitting or lying, or hugging or walking, tasting the Longjing in Hangzhou, watching the night of the West Lake, and talking about the bitterness and sweetness of life. I believe that the happiest and most moving picture of Hangzhou is temporarily fixed on the midsummer night of the West Lake

like an ordinary citizen in Hangzhou, I spent a few yuan to rent a seat near the lake and sat down. It is a very good plastic reclining chair, which is everywhere by the lake. Then an old woman brought a large cup of tea and tasted it. It's a good Longjing. Like using Benz as a taxi in Germany, the cheapest tea here is believed to be Longjing. tribute. A cup of tea and a chair cost a little, but you can enjoy the breeze of a lake and the clear water of a lake, full of lights. What's more, the laughter is full of fragrance, and the shadow is heavy. The summer heat and troubles are all gone in a day, and the whole body is cool. You will sigh very much: everyone says that immortals are good, but I hold the West Lake and don't want to go. Lying on the chair, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the West Lake. I overheard a mother and daughter say hello to the landlady, thinking it was a neighborhood or something. Listen to the boss's gracious invitation to mother and daughter to sit down and have a cup of tea, but the other party is very firm in declining. He said not to sit down and brought tea himself. I suddenly found that, in fact, traveling to the West Lake can be completely free. There are many lawns by the lake and many free stools. Those who have money can spend one or two thousand yuan to live in Shangri La and enjoy the West Lake; Those who have no money can also own the West Lake without spending a penny. West Lake, your eternal merits lie in the years when you can spend money and don't spend money but treat everyone equally. So I added a lot of favors to the West Lake in Hangzhou

although many good things in the world belong to only a few people, Hangzhou West lake belongs to everyone, especially the local people. She ignores high and low, but she is not beautiful. She is born beautiful and widely popular all over the world. Men, women, old and young, farmers, businessmen, ugly, beautiful, rich and poor can get close to Fangze every day. Suddenly I think of a poem by Du Fu: thousands of buildings are built, and the world is cold. The special production facilities are located in Georgia, the United States. For a moment, thoughts surged silently, and it was difficult to express, but he blurted out: "Hangzhou people, good luck!" After coming back from Hangzhou, I said to my friends more than once: we in Shunde are more than half of China, but there are basically no mountains to climb and no lakes to visit. When can we land a thousand mu of land, not build villas, not build factories, not build markets, but dig a big lake. There are 32 small islands in the lake, with verdant trees on the island, hundreds of birds crowing, the sound of oars in the lake, and the green grass on the lake. You can race boats on the lake during the Dragon Boat Festival and enjoy the moon by the lake during the Mid Autumn Festival. It is believed that if there is a temple by the lake 300 years later, it must be the Changsheng Temple of the mayor

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