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Daeha Mantech company of South Korea promotes high conductivity coating materials

daeha Mantech company of South Korea promotes high conductivity coating materials

April 4, 2014

[China coating information] on March 19, 2014, the "2014 adhesive coating film Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as ATEM fiar)" was held at the Songdao International Convention and Exhibition Center in Incheon, South Korea, The Chinese media China paint () and global media partners recorded the temperature time curve Friction time curve with global network aving news was interviewed in this exhibition at daeha Mantech company in South Korea (, the company's main product is fluorochemicals, showing the high conductivity coating material "elcoat te series".

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"elcoat te series" is a coating material with high conductivity (80~400 Ω), which can replace the existing high conductivity material ITO, and precautions for the use of Ag testing machine nanowire, Graphne can also be synthesized. It is suitable for pet, TAC, glass and other equipment to prevent the internal drive deviation of LCD. It can be applied to the charge conduction of transparent electrode of touch screen. In addition, excellent optical properties (transparency), safe durability, water solubility/fat solubility and other characteristics can be properly coated according to customer requirements

(check all pictures of Chinese coatings)

in addition, daeha also introduced the spot proof coating agent (elcoat as) and functional hard coating agent (elcoat HD), which fell to 74.7% of functional hard coating agent (elcoat MF) in the same month of last year. It is widely used in the evaluation and display industry. It is a coating material that meets the diversified needs of customers according to the functional combination

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