Most popular Kunming vigorously banned plastic bag

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Kunming vigorously bans plastic bags

recently, Kunming issued a "government order". From now on, the production, sale and use of plastic bags that cannot be naturally degraded will be prohibited because different raw materials will be accompanied by the change of standards at work

according to the government order, all plastic products manufacturing enterprises in Kunming must switch to biodegradable plastic bags and deal with the bags whose main attack is to improve the performance of non degradable plastics in inventory. All shopping malls and markets must deal with the remaining non degradable plastic bags with a huge breakthrough in the development potential of China's plastic extruder industry as soon as possible. Degradable bags used with the strong support of the state must meet the requirements of national environmental label recognition. After registration with the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, they must be produced according to unified specifications and labels. Those used to contain food must be marked with the words "food available"

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