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Komatsu's many new products Liangjian Las Vegas construction machinery exhibition

Komatsu's many new products Liangjian Las Vegas construction machinery exhibition

www.6300 Fu Xiangsheng, vice president of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said Net China Construction Machinery Information

on March, local time, the 2017 Las Vegas construction machinery exhibition was grandly opened. Komatsu exhibited the latest products, technologies and solutions in the n10902 indoor exhibition hall in the North District and the g4183 outdoor exhibition area in the "Golden Square", showing the style of market forecasters and industry leaders

the theme of "I am Komatsu" in this exhibition represents Komatsu's belief and also means Komatsu's investment in customer trust. "Trust Komatsu is not only the most innovative investment, but also an investment in the best equipment and best support solutions," said rod Schrader, chairman and CEO of Komatsu (USA). "Expand factory and distribution forms, ensure the reliability of equipment standards, service response and parts application... Increase investment in talents and solutions, be closer to customers, let customers know the latest technology, make customers remain competitive in business, and ensure that we are on site when customers need it."

Komatsu booth

a total of 26 Komatsu equipment appeared at the exhibition, including 10 excavators, 7 bulldozers, 4 wheel loaders, 3 dump trucks, 1 grader and 1 forklift. These products can meet the requirements of different construction needs for production efficiency and performance, and provide customers with more choices

a number of new products appeared

in addition to the latest generation of komatsu-11 series excavators, Komatsu hb365lc-3 hybrid excavator, Komatsu pc170lc-10 e small excavator and Komatsu d51ex-px-24 crawler bulldozer and other new high-end equipment also appeared in North America for the first time

Komatsu excavator

Komatsu hb365lc-3 hybrid excavator has better power and production efficiency than its competitors with the same tonnage. It is reported that this new device can save 20% fuel (compared with non hybrid products), achieving a more perfect balance between power and fuel consumption

Komatsu d51ex-px-24 crawler bulldozer is a multifunctional equipment with flexible construction, strong power and strong comfort. The application of new technology has improved the production efficiency by 13%. Compared with the previous generation products, the fuel consumption has been reduced by 13%. The design of easy maintenance also reduces the maintenance cost by about 40%

Komatsu bulldozer

Komatsu pc170lc-11 small excavator has multi-function and all-round perspective. It has super-2 is an innovative resource, and the innovative power is very dispersed. The super capacity of its narrow body is so small that it can take a marked trailer of 40000 pounds, but the dynamic performance can be improved by 60%

"when we are closer to customers, we understand that customers hope Komatsu can help them operate more efficiently," emphasized the vice chairman of Komatsu (USA) product service department. Therefore, Komatsu has been investing to make customers enjoy the latest technology and best practices, such as pc210lci-11 excavator, pc490lci-11 excavator, d65pxi bulldozer and other intelligent devices on display this time. It is reported that the data collected by various precise sensors on the hydraulic system can enable the equipment to operate accurately according to the set parameters

future construction site - intelligent construction

relying on ICT (information and communication technology) to help the construction, or make the equipment operation more convenient, has always been the direction of Komatsu's efforts. This exhibition of "intelligent construction" solutions coincides with the theme of "imagine the future" of this exhibition, that is, fully display the application technology, help the construction machinery industry reduce downtime and maximize work efficiency, while reducing waste, improving marginal benefits and enhancing safety as much as possible

Komatsu excavator

helps people manage the construction site through intelligent construction, and completes the construction with a complete set of equipment and services. 4. Place the sample on the host of the experimental machine and calculate, "even novices with little experience can work safely and efficiently through intelligent construction, which saves both cost and time." Komatsu will work with users to jointly build the future construction site

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