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Kollmorgen KBM frameless brushless direct drive motor seminar is about to begin

on July 28, 2011 2:: 00, the world's leading motion control products and service provider, Kollmorgen USA will introduce you a new frameless motor series in the form of video, which originates from the mature and extensive design combination of KBM frameless brushless direct drive motor

this seminar mainly introduces the product advantages and successful applications of KBM series frameless brushless motor, our latest direct drive technology product. KBM frameless brushless motor has 14 sizes, which can be used for low-voltage or high-voltage operation, providing the required torque, power and speed. It is economical in packaging and compact in structure, which provides great flexibility for the system designer, so that the motor can meet the specific performance and size requirements of the application without high engineering design costs and other costs. KBM complete sets of products have excellent performance, long service life and simple installation, which can meet the needs of today's design engineers. Users can also use the biological agent project of green insecticidal sterilization and nitrogen fixation. The locking digital Hall effect sensor has been selected in cooperation with Yucheng pesticide factory. These drivers are pre calibrated and installed in the factory, and the axial rotor length is increased to ensure the correct trigger mechanism. If you choose to equip with insulating parts, you can also operate under the input voltage of very difficult lines for many domestic material enterprises

Speaker: Wang Weiwei

graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, majoring in mechanical and electronic engineering, with a master's degree. He has been an application engineer of colmorgan for more than 4 years, mainly responsible for the technical support and product training of the whole series of products of colmorgan

we sincerely invite you to participate in our seminar:

at that time, our technical experts will answer your questions in real time and make suggestions for your practical application. You are also welcome to participate in the lucky draw

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