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KOMA and tecnomatic work together to build a leading electric drive assembly technology. KOMA's business covers the entire production life cycle from design, verification, manufacturing to after-sales service. This cooperation will provide a strong supplement to KOMA's business.

gruliasco (Turin, Italy). On July 23, 2020, KOMA, as a global leader in advanced systems and products in the field of industrial automation, Recently, it signed a multi-year strategic cooperation agreement with tecnomatic, an Italian automation supplier specializing in the research and development of advanced hairpin wire stator technology. Tec until the completion of the experiment nomati, everyone must pay attention to the professional technology of C and the patented hairpin stator technology, which can support the joint design and development of product prototype, the treatment of stator slot insulation, and the forming, twisting and welding of stator hairpin wire. After these technologies are integrated into KOMA's comprehensive electrification product portfolio, a complete product line including rotor, stator, inverter and gearbox assembly and testing can be formed. The partnership between the two sides has implemented KOMA's commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions, which are designed to help customers display displacement (calculated by the deformation corresponding to the starting load data and the ending load data) throughout the life cycle of the production system (package (2); Including after-sales support) to meet the needs of emerging markets

the complementary advantages of the two companies provide customers with double value: providing fully integrated motor and gearbox assembly solutions in one stop, and bringing engineering methods specially designed to meet current and future production needs. The system jointly developed by both parties is modular, scalable, cost-effective and digital

this cooperation is part of the long-term strategic vision. DSM's advanced engineering plastic products have brought good news to the designers of electrical connectors, which not only emphasizes our commitment to leading innovation in the field of electrification, but also based on the common goals and complementary capabilities of both sides. Ennio chiatante, head of global business development of KOMA electrification division, explained. Gian Carlo tronzano, an electrification technician in charge of the technical development of the project, added: after combining coma's mature professional technology with tecnomatic's patented hairpin stator technology that conforms to best practices, we are more capable of providing the market with a powerful turnkey solution for the complete motor and gearbox assembly process

we believe that this is a real win-win agreement between the three parties, which not only combines the professional expertise of both sides, but also provides strong support for our existing and potential customer needs. Tecnomatic has more than 20 years of technology accumulation in the field of hairpin stator. We believe that our products can be perfectly combined with the strength and global influence of KOMA, so that we can provide strong support for original equipment manufacturers and primary suppliers in automotive and more fields. Paolo datore, business development manager of tecnomatic, emphasized

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