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Kimberly Clark: disseminating health knowledge through public welfare, transferring enterprise temperature

release date: Source: Yuexi

on August 19, the "medical assistance Bank of angel in white fund" strongly supported by Kimberly Clark (China) Co., Ltd. went deep into maternal and child health care and family planning Service Center (Dechang maternal and child health care hospital) and other maternal and child units in Dechang County, Liangshan Prefecture, and continued to carry out a series of care activities such as medical staff training, assistance, and condolences

this Kimberly Clark assistance action was attended by the project leader of the white angel fund of the China Women's development foundation and the vice chairman of the expert committee of the white angel fund of the China Women's development foundation, Wang Fengying, professor and director of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, and Zhang Yong, director of Neonatology and director of premature infant diagnosis and treatment center of Sichuan maternal and child health hospital, It brings detailed and cutting-edge medical and health knowledge to the research and Development Center for Comprehensively Strengthening maternal and child health care and family planning services in Dechang County, Liangshan Prefecture (Dechang maternal and child health hospital)

it is understood that this is the third time since 2015 that the white angel fund supported by Kimberly Clark has entered Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan to carry out care action. Since 2013, in order to help medical workers relieve mental and work pressure, promote learning and exchange, improve vocational skills, and build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship, the China Women's development foundation has set up and tried to change all 3D printing markets, established the "angel in white fund", and with the strong support of Kimberly Clark (China) Co., Ltd., launched the "angel in white fund Kimberly Clark care for Angels action" to distribute popular science readings Carry out a series of public welfare activities, such as training classes, medical institutions' assistance actions, pregnant women's classes, love and condolences, to improve the medical care level of relevant staff

according to statistics, by the end of 2018, Kimberly Clark's "angel in white fund medical assistance bank" had benefited more than 400000 medical staff, radiated more than 9 million mother and baby populations, improved the health level of newborns and new mothers, and achieved good social results

the State Council has issued a document to vigorously implement the "healthy China" plan. Kimberly Clark hopes to help more medical workers improve their medical and health knowledge, benefit more patients, and enable more people to get healthy through public welfare activities such as the "white angel fund medical assistance bank", so as to help realize the "health 2. Technical parameter country of burst resistance testing machine"

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