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Kodak launched Luodao unified printing software

recently, Kodak announced the launch of a new "Luodao unified" printing software, and conducted a product demonstration at the graph Expo. This software can be seamlessly integrated into Kodak unified workflow solution, which will greatly improve the efficiency, application and business opportunities of Kodak unified workflow solution. We can provide test design, fixture design, control system evaluation, data collection and result analysis. The unified workflow itself has high production efficiency and many functions. Now we can further realize the function of "network to printing" with Kodak's "network to unified" software

Ke's "network to unified" printing solution covers the traditional "network to printing" function, and further combines the powerful business, production, color and data solutions of Kodak's unified workflow. Because the software of Luodao unified printing is completely linked with each operation of actual production, printers will be able to provide more powerful services of Luodao printing and better manage their overall business

and the load can no longer rise. Kodak's new "network to unified" printing software can seamlessly integrate the network to printing function to Kodak's unified workflow scheme, helping printers tap potential business opportunities and profit sources with the help of existing workflow

the online printing solution can manage the order creation and printing of static, personalized or customized prints, and the order placement and creation operations can be carried out through the online software. Network printing solutions will greatly expand the business scope and profit margin of printers. For customers of printing plants, it can further improve the production efficiency of promotional materials and reduce the preparation time of publicity

"Kodak Luodao unified printing software is the representative of the new generation of Luodao printing solutions." Chris ries, product manager of Kodak graphic imaging group, said, "printers and their customers are constantly looking for services and technologies that can improve prepress efficiency. By adding networks to unified printing software to Kodak unified workflow solutions, printers can provide their customers with higher value-added services, and will also change existing systems."

Kodak network to unified printing solution adopts three Kodak technology platforms. The front-end e-commerce will be realized by Kodak insite software; Personalized pages for catalog orders will be generated by Kodak eyemedia software such as setting baud rate for system communication; The workflow of "digital printing administrator" will realize the automation function in the whole process through Kodak yinnengjie workflow system. According to the types of Kodak products invested by users, different Kodak unified workflow modules can be configured to fully tap the potential of unified printing solutions

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