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Comau, the world's leading manufacturer of automated flexible manufacturing systems, brought its powerful powertrain solutions, machine tool processing technology and first-class industrial robot products to the 2015 Beijing Machine Tool Exhibition

Beijing on April 20-25, 2015, It appeared in the 14th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT). On the opening day of the exhibition, KOMA held a press conference at the China International Exhibition Center. Dr. Stefan sack, CEO of coma China, Mr. Giovanni Maria varazi, director of global Powertrain Market and business development of coma, and Mr. He Wanmin, vice president and general manager of robot business department of coma China attended the press conference and shared the development strategy, leading technology and innovative products of coma in the Chinese market

Mr. Stefan sack, China's CEO, delivered a speech at the KOMA press conference. Since officially entering the Chinese market in 1997, KOMA has always been committed to China's automated manufacturing, providing cost-effective and systematic industrial manufacturing solutions for Chinese users, and at an important stage of China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading and industrial restructuring, Help the development of China's manufacturing industry. Dr. Stefan sack, CEO of KOMA China, said: China is one of KOMA's most important markets. In the future, KOMA will continue to focus on the sustainable development of the Chinese market. We will provide leading solutions in robotics, body welding, powertrain and other aspects. At the same time, we will strengthen the construction of localized R & D teams in China and actively explore new development opportunities in China

at this CIMT exhibition, KOMA focused on the introduction of high-speed urane 25 horizontal machining center. Urane 25 adopts linear motor and advanced design, which can ensure the accuracy of interpolation process under ultra-high speed. Due to the modular structure design, this system can be used as an independent equipment or integrated with flexible manufacturing system. The latest urane 25 is mainly used to deal with complex processing to make the working part of the sample subject to axial tension, such as dealing with light materials (such as aluminum for cylinder head, cylinder block and gearbox housing) and steel and cast iron parts. According to Mr. giovannimaria varazi, head of global Powertrain Market and business development of KOMA, the real strength of this innovative machining center is that it can ensure the mass production of high-quality parts in a cost-effective way, and these parts can even meet the most stringent requirements in terms of accuracy, geometric structure and surface roughness

KOMA high-speed urane 25 horizontal machining center

advanced smartspray plasma high-speed arc welding thermal spraying system technology is another highlight of KOMA's exhibition. This powerful thermal spray system can help automakers reduce the weight of the cylinder block, remove design obstacles, improve durability, and ultimately reduce total costs. Smartspray production unit is completely flexible, which can quickly change models, adopt in-line or V-shaped cylinder block configuration, and develop new devices without loss emission offline. The front cylinder (manual or automatic) and the loading and unloading operation in the ptwa process can help to improve productivity; Adding a new spindle will also help improve production capacity. By making full use of KOMA's expertise, this cylinder cavity coating production system provides an economical and reliable solution for the engine manufacturing field, which can significantly improve efficiency and optimize production capacity

KOMA smartspray plasma high-speed arc welding thermal spraying system technology

giovanni Maria vara Guangdong has developed a new material for soil remediation. Lead and cadmium pollution is expected to be controlled. Mr. Zi said: KOMA's powertrain system has been tested for more than 40 years and can provide comprehensive services and solutions for the market. With many modular machine tools and rich professional knowledge in manufacturing technology, KOMA focuses on developing flexible solutions that can effectively improve the performance of production equipment. By integrating cutting-edge technology (such as ptwa), KOMA can apply innovative processing capabilities to the field of assembly and automation, so as to provide a comprehensive overall solution for the entire production line

Mr. Giovanni Maria varazi, head of global Powertrain Market and business development of KOMA, delivered a speech at the KOMA press conference

in the field of robot driven industrial automation, KOMA grandly launched the new Racer 999, which was used as part of the assembly application demonstration of specific industries in this CIMT exhibition. KOMA intelligent chemical plant in Kunshan has produced this compact 6-axis joint robot, which is characterized by assembly operations in a narrow space less than 1 meter (999 mm). Its speed and accuracy are extremely suitable for material handling, machine tool loading and unloading, maintenance, packaging and other applications. The design payload of Racer 999 is 7 kg, but its load capacity can be as high as 10 kg at the take-off and release speed. In addition, the new Racer 999 is not only the fastest robot, but also has a shaped body that simulates human muscles. When swinging the arm, great power can be released by the wrist. The bending curve is directly related to the speed, and has unparalleled walking speed and fluency

Mr. He Wanmin, vice president and general manager of the robot business department of KOMA China, said: the robot industry has become the driving force of China's economic transformation. Driven by the national strategy and capital market, China's robots and intelligent equipment will grow into a market of trillions, and the annual growth rate will reach twice the GDP growth rate. KOMA has set up a robot R & D center in Shanghai, China to develop new products and provide optimal solutions for local customers in China. At the same time, Kunshan factory will complete the annual production capacity of 3000 standard industrial robots in 2016. On the basis of vigorously developing the world's leading digital chemical plants and intelligent equipment technology, KOMA will continue to consolidate our leading position in the field of robots

Mr. He Wanmin, vice president of KOMA China and general manager of robotics division, delivered a speech at the KOMA press conference

in addition, during the exhibition, KOMA held the 2015 KOMA powertrain system technology seminar at Crowne Plaza Beijing Linkong on the afternoon of April 21, and held a technical lecture open to the public in the conference room w 105 of China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi, Beijing) on the morning of April 22, This paper discusses the development trend of industry and technology respectively, and introduces the application of KOMA's powertrain system technology in China, machine tool machining centers, and KOMA robot in machine tool loading and unloading

in the afternoon of April 21, the relevant senior executives of the KOMA powertrain division delivered a wonderful speech at the KOMA powertrain system technology seminar

on the morning of April 22, what is the reason why the installation of the hydraulic universal testing machine of the KOMA robot division needs the guidance of the manufacturer? And the two spokesmen of the powertrain business division delivered speeches on the KOMA technology open day respectively.

we believe that the pace of KOMA China is not just here in spring. In the next days of 2015, we KOMA people will continue to work hard and contribute more! Please pay attention to and look forward to our next more market developments

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