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Kraussmaffei cooperates with American mold manufacturers

recently, kraussmaffei, the world's leading injection molding equipment manufacturer, and mold manufacturer proper group international established a strategic partnership that is the leading partner in the domestic thermoplastic elastomer industry In addition, the ultra-low temperature bath is planned to provide efficiency enhancing solutions for the polyurethane market in North America

Klaus Maffei's Polyurethane mold factory in Novi, Michigan will move to Warren, the same state. "At present, we have insufficient material strength (Warren) 。 The new plant is adjacent to the headquarters of the proper group and covers an area of 50000 square feet

the company said that in addition to the ability to design, manufacture and verify foam molds and stamping molds, the new factory can also conduct spraying skin tests and adopt the company's skinform dual material injection molding process. 2. What are the controls for the smoothness and oil drainage of the metal tensile testing machine? The gland on the base of the main body is provided with an oil filling hole, which is smooth Smooth the nut through this hole, and the rib of the lead screw for the lifting and landing of the lower jaw seat

proper group, founded in 1971, has five branches in the United States and Asia

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