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Since May this year, Jinshan Branch of Shanghai Municipal Administration of industry and Commerce has inspected the non newspaper printed medical advertisements in Jinshan District and still punished the advertisements suspected of violating the law

since late May, Shanghai Jinshan Branch of industry and Commerce has carried out an urgent inventory of printed medical advertisements placed and posted by various medical institutions, pharmacies, health product sales Monopoly points, medical device experience points, consulting or sales stores in Jinshan District, focusing on but paying attention to four types of advertising violations: the use of patients (consumers) in advertisements of drugs, medical devices and health food Make the final recycled materials have high purity and performance, which is proved by the name and image of doctors and experts; The advertisements of drugs, medical devices and health food exaggerate the function and ensure the curative effect; Publicizing the medicinal function or diagnosis and treatment effect of common food, health care products and disinfection products; Release advertisements for drugs, medical devices and health food without legal examination and approval, or tamper with the approved content without authorization

as of June 14, the District Industrial and commercial department had inspected 149 publishing places of printed medical advertisements and collected 47 copies of various printed medical advertisements. Among them, 8 suspected illegal printed medical advertisements were found. The industrial and commercial department has handled the above suspected illegal advertisements according to law

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