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On the morning of May 18, huangletian, the marketing manager and chengyangfan, the sales manager of Shanghai volcanic lake Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "volcanic lake information") visited Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association. Gaoxuan, the Secretary General of the association, and pengyifei, the director of the member Department warmly received the delegation. The two sides discussed how to promote the docking of high-quality resources, To help members' development

Cheng Yangfan introduced the establishment background, main business and future planning of volcanic lake information. At present, volcanic lake information can provide enterprises with information management platform, Digital Collaborative electrical design platform, collaborative manufacturing based on the concept of shared factory and other services. The products have been applied in the industries such as rail transit, high and low voltage electrical, elevator and so on, with the total automobile production capacity of more than 170gwh/year. He believes that the association has gathered a number of excellent manufacturing enterprises in Shanghai, and has built a good platform for cooperation and exchange among members by providing diversified member activities and services. In the future, volcanic lake information will further strengthen communication and interaction with the association. Secretary General Gao Xuan said that relevant products of volcanic lake information can provide information technology support for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, help enterprises reduce soft R & D investment and enhance their competitiveness. She then put her equipment around without inflammables and explosives; The characteristics of the cold and hot shock testing machine in the industrial research of the association are introduced, including the work development of the equipment area for high temperature area, member service, talent cultivation, etc. She said that the association will further improve its member service system and give full play to its platform advantages to provide high-quality comprehensive supporting services for the integration of manufacturing industry chain and project docking. The association hopes that volcanic lake information will actively participate in various activities held by the association in the future, communicate and connect with member enterprises, and jointly provide professional, high-quality and diversified services for manufacturing enterprises

about volcanic lake

Shanghai volcanic lake Information Technology Co., Ltd. is an industrial interconnected enterprise that integrates offline lean production and collaborative manufacturing, online digital design, collaborative supply chain, standardization and information management, and is engaged in SaaS services across the whole enterprise

the company provides a standard metal particle standardization, digitalization and informatization management platform that takes design as the source, runs through design, production, sales, supply chain, after-sales service, etc., and covers the whole domain and life cycle. It integrates industrial big data and cloud computing, and provides services such as SaaS based deployment, world-class digital collaborative electrical design platform, integrated professional industrial erp/mes/crm information management software, and collaborative manufacturing based on the concept of shared factory

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