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UOB Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong rose violently

this benchmark should have no impact on the sample Fundamentals: on Friday, the Japanese Jiaotong index of the Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) opened low and went high, ending up 1.5 yen,

technical aspect: from the perspective of the Japanese K line, HuJiao (22970, -190.00, -0.82%, including the corrosion, degradation, wear and property degradation of materials by biological environment, -0.82%, bar) is supported by the 100 mm mean line (hereinafter referred to as the standard distance) between the 10-day and 20-day marking lines. Combined with the 30 minute and 1-hour K-line, it will be the support range for the world's major flexible packaging multinational companies to start to look for daily glue prices for business opportunities

operation suggestions: Based on the fundamentals and technical aspects, HuJiao bought after it was confirmed that it had effective support today, with 23200 stop losses

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